Microfiber Cloth on DeskI have lots of things that tend to get smudged up. And I hate it when shiny stuff has fingerprints. That is becoming especially more of an issue now that many things are touchscreen-controlled. Stuff like phones, tablets, printers, pop machines. It seems like everything is switching to touchscreen.

And then the stuff that isn’t touchscreen is shiny plastic anyways. So it also gets smudged up. Many of my laptops and keyboards/mice are like this.

And then there’s my glasses. Man, I have a hard time concentrating on anything if there’s any smudges on my lenses that are catching my attention.

Because of all that, I have become a believer in microfiber cloth. I like to keep it around, and keep it handy. I keep one in my backpack, I keep some at the office, I keep some at home. I should probably put a couple pieces of microfiber cloth in my car too, my stereo screen always gets fingerprint smudges all over it, and that is annoying.

Where can you get some of this magical material? You can get some microfiber cloth from here at a pretty good price. I paid more than that for mine, I should have looked around for a deal before buying.