Hello. What’s the deal with Mr. Best? I just use that name to jokingly describe a type of person that likes to research before buying.

We all want to know we are buying the best we can get for our money. Some of us want the best balance of quality versus value that we can find. Some of us want to find the best cheap options that don’t make the most sacrifices. Some of us simply want the best regardless of cost. All approaches are perfectly fine, but require knowledge.

I’m the type of person that likes to know what the best options are in any product category before I buy something, and at least know that I knew all of my options before making a decision. I really hate making spur of the moment decisions on a product without first understanding the variations in similar products available. I have had too many regretful purchases due to lack of researching options. This happens often if I decide I want to buy something right after learning it exists or learning that I actually have a use for it.

Something as simple as a toaster. I went out to buy a toaster at one point in my life, I will admit it was later in my life than I would have liked. I simply just grabbed the one that was the cheapest because, hey, what’s really the difference between toasters? They all just toast bread, right? Well, the first thing I found out was that this cheap toaster didn’t even fit the slices of bread I was trying to toast. And the bread stuck out the top far enough that it didn’t get a nice, even toasting of the bread. And it was hard to take apart to clean. I almost broke it accidentally the first time I tried to clean crumbs out of it. And the power cord was really short, almost laughably so.

All of these things made me realize that even something as simple as a toaster can deserve at least a few minutes of research before buying the thing – especially if I’m trying to find the best combination of value versus quality without buying junk.

On our websites we review different types of products in an attempt to sort out what the best options are for buyers that don’t have a whole lot of time to research. We will help push you in the right direction, but ultimately you will still need to decide what works for your particular needs in terms of quality, features and cost.