I have to admit, I was sort of oblivious to the crazy cat furniture out there when my wife and I first got our cats. She was more of a cat person than I was at the time, but the cats quickly grew on me. I look at them as part of the family now.

One of my realization that came along with owning cats was that CATS LIKE TO CLIMB ON EVERYTHING.

I put that in all-caps mainly as a statement as to how much my mind was blown when I realized this.

So, since these cats like to climb on everything, they climbed all over stuff that I did not want them climbing on – I didn’t have anything that was theirs that they could climb. So they were climbing my stuff. And by my stuff, I mean cupboards, closets, shelves – I could go on forever really.

If it was tall, the cats were walking up to it, looking upwards at it, and trying to figure how to get to the top of it. Except for the big lazy fat orange one, Lucy. She didn’t give a damn about climbing. But the others. They lived to climb.

Kitty on the cupboards

There’s one on the cupboards. Looking down at us all.

Anyways, here’s where I’m going with this – why not get them something designed for them to climb on? That’s where a good cat tree comes in.

Now we have this:

New Cat Tree

They really like their cat tree. It’s been a good investment, through and through. We’re going to buy another cat tree in addition to this one as well. They don’t hang out on our furniture as much anymore either, which is kind of nice.

If you are interested in looking at some furniture options for your cats, check out our cat tree site, we have reviews of what we feel are pretty good cat trees. Some are cheap, some are more expensive, but if you check them all out you will see why some are cheaper than others. It’s quite possible to get a pretty decent cat tree for close to a hundred bucks. It’s also possible to spend quite a bit more if you really want to go for quality and size. It’s up to you, really.

The cats will probably like anything, as long as it’s easy to climb and big enough to sleep on. Do it for the cats.