I try to keep my music studio fairly organized, mostly because I like to work in an organized environment. The one part of my studio that usually gets out of hand, in terms of organization, is the cables.

I try to run cables out of the way of things, and do a good job of keeping them behind things or hidden. I also have figured out at this point in my life how to effectively keep most of the power and audio cables from crossing and interfering with each other. So I’ve got all that going for me.

Where I usually struggle, is in making sure I actually have the types of cables I need. I end up using a lot of adapters to get things converted to the right inputs, mostly because of a lack of proper cables being available.

more cable adapters

Here’s a good example of too many adapters being used:

adapters into focusrite

I like to keep a lot of my mostly-used cables accessible on the wall at all times.

audio cables on wall

That sort of accessibility to my cables helps me find what I need, when I need it. All that stuff is interesting I guess. But what I wanted to share was something I’ve started doing recently.

I like to examine my setup and find the areas of my studio where I’m using adapters unnecessarily. I then take the time to replace those strings of adapters with single cables.

This has helped me to get better use of my cables. And I always have the proper adapters available when I actually do need them, when I’m in a bind or need to do some quick cable patching, since they’re not tied up elsewhere in the studio.